F.R.T.S Mission Statement

To continue to strive for excellence in all areas of safety training and to provide a cost effective service to our clients

Sectors & Industry

- Education sector
- Food manufacture
- Pharmaceutical industry
- Fine Chemicals
- Agricultural sector
- Insurance industry
- Health sector
- Medical devices industry
- Construction Manufacturing
- Public services
- Engineering consultancy
- Services sector

training courses

“All our trainers have over 30 years experience in the Fire Service, Train with the best”


Confined Space Entry (one day)

The aim of this course is to make people aware of the dangers associated with confined spaces, it gives the student confidence to accurately identify dangerous gas’s, reading and understanding gas detectors, filling in a permit to work in a confined space, raising the alarm if something should go wrong, confined space rescue, rescue equipment, harness training Presentation on legislation Practical exercise

Confined Space Emergency Rescue Teams Available
Standby Hatch Watchers Available



Confined Space with Breathing Apparatus Certified (two day)

Day One
As confined space one day

Day Two
Understand breathing apparatus, working parts, duration, confidence while wearing BA, BA procedures, Presentation on legislation, practical exercise while wearing BA in confined space.


Confined Space Fas / Fetac C1 C2 C3

Course designed for Managers, Supervisors, and entrants carrying out work in confined spaces .


Chemical Handling (one day)
Understand the hazards of Chemical Spill, Initial response, control of a chemical accident, setting up zones, Kemlar Code, ERT response to an incident, Practical exercise wearing Gas Tight Suits, Casualty handling.


Fire Awareness, Extinguisher Training (one day)

It would be most important for every person to have experienced this kind of course, it could save your life or the lives of your family, this programme is designed to raise the level of awareness, knowledge and practical use of fire extinguishers, Noel Casey Ex Fire Brigade Training Officer with Cork City Fire Brigade, will give the student an in-depth view of fire safety using 36 years experience in the fire service.


Fire Warden (one day)

Knowledge of the role of the fire warden in the event of fire breaking out in the workplace is very important, especially in the first few minutes, training staff members to fulfill this role could save lives.


Evacuation Programme (half day)

FRTS have Irelands leading experts in Evacuation, we will take you through a step by step programme leading to an effective evacuation, from the time of alarm to the time the incident is over.


First Aid Basic or Occupational(one day / three day)

FRTS provide a one day basic first Aid course, or a three day Occupational First Aid Course, whichever suits the needs of the client, all our instructors are highly qualified and highly skilled with years of experience in the medical profession.


Line Rescue from Height (two day)

Specialised course for students who would be involved in rescue from height, using; harness, lines, all height rescue equipment

Course Aim; to assist people who may be involved in an accident while working at height, getting a casualty down to ground level, casualty handling, stretcher care, remove to hospital.

FRTS provide Professional Line & height rescue instructors

Students 10.


Harness Training (half day)

FRTS instructors are all highly skilled in the use of correctly fitting, wearing, and testing a harness, course covers all types of harness from the normal working harness to the rescue harness


Pre Fire Brigade Course (one day)

Interested in a career in the fire brigade, FRTS will provide all the information you need to know about how to apply, prepare and train for a career in the fire brigade, a fire fighting programme designed to prepare the student for all the tests the fire brigade require starting with the application form.

Course director Noel Casey; Ex Fire Brigade training officer with responsibility for Selecting and training fire brigade recruits, Noel had more than 36years service with Cork City Fire Brigade


Crisis Management (half day)

Designed for management teams who would have responsibility for a major incident on site, this course covers dealing with the incident, dealing with the press, ERT, family and relations, surrounding areas and a back up technical team


Safe Pass (one day)

We invite clients to complete a one day safe pass course in our new fire training College, Cork City


Manual Handling (half day)

It is well known that in everyday work life Physical Injury is hard to avoid, at FRTS we have the most trained and experienced instructors in the country, ready to help you and your staff to raise the level of awareness and avoid injury


Command & Control (one day)

The first people to respond to an incident on site are the Emergency Response Team [ERT], our command & Control programme is specially designed to teach and train ERT leaders and deputy leaders to be able to take charge of an incident should the need arise, a confident and knowledgeable team leader is most important in any situation


Health & Safety (one day)

FRTS will provide the client with all information and training in Health & Safety, our leading experts will visit your site and assist in putting together a programme specific to your company needs



Emergency Response teams, ERT (one day)

FRTS have the leading and most advanced Emergency Response Team of instructors in the country, with years of experience in training fire & rescue teams, we train teams to be able to respond and control all incidents on site, the first few minutes in any situation are vital, contact us for top first class training


Off Site ERT Training (one day)

Emergency Response Teams wishing to train off site

We at FRTS use the new and most effective EMERGENCY RESPONSE FIRE TRAINING CENTRE, at The Exchange Business Park, Churchfield, this new state of the art fire training College is the only one of its kind in CORK CITY where we train fire teams for industry, and all types of business including Pharmaceutical

The advanced Fire Training College is headed by Noel Casey, 36 years experience as a Fire-Fighter and Recruit Training Officer with the Cork City Fire Brigade,

Companies wishing to avail of the training College, please do not hesitate to contact us


Abrasive Wheels (half day)

Certified Abrasive Wheel training


Risk Assessment (one day)

Our experts will visit your site and carry out a risk assessment to suit the client’s needs


Search & Rescue (one day)

In an incident where a member of staff is missing, the emergency response team would need to be trained in search & rescue, this one day course provides the team with all the necessary knowledge and practical training to perform a rescue safely and without risk to the team, this course can be completed on site or at our new Fire Training Centre, Cork City